Crabby Cheddar Cheese (8 oz) Chesapeake Gold Farms

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There is that perfect moment when eating Maryland steamed crabs that you sweep your little finger into a nook or cranny and pull out that last morsel that is not just crab and not just classic Chesapeake Bay seasoning but a delectable blend of the two. CGF Crabby Cheddar reminds us of that moment. There is NO ACTUAL SEAFOOD in the cheese and MD eastern shore purists might like to taste a wee bit more of the spicy stuff, but we’re pretty sure that you will appreciate the balance between the two.

Located in North East, MD Chesapeake Gold Farms milk is produced from the cows that they raise from birth, and they eat crops that they grow. They then have their milk made into cheese that has zero additives or preservatives.

A note from Chesapeake Gold, a 6 generation farm…

All of Chesapeake Gold Farms cheeses are made 100% from our cows’ milk. The only ingredients added are cultures, enzymes, and natural seasonings. Our herd has a strong influence of golden Guernsey cows that naturally have a higher butterfat and protein content due to genetics. The whole herd is fed a forage rich diet that supports the production of those desirable components. Many commercial cheeses remove some fat from the milk to use for other products then add back in oils. The cheese maker for Chesapeake Gold Farms Cheese does not pull anything out of our milk. Whatever our gals put into the milk tank is what goes into the cheese vat and we feel that translates into a natural, clean tasting, and smooth cheese. From cow to cracker, we know where this cheese has been.


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