Eggs, Duck – Cage Free (12- 6 pack cartons) Lapp’s Specialty Wholesale Eggs

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We’re Your Source for High-Quality Duck Eggs

Lapps Specialty Eggs LLC is one of the few farms in the country where you can get high-quality duck eggs!

Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs. They taste great and are perfect for baking because the extra egg white makes baked goods fluffier.

In some cases, people who can’t tolerate chicken eggs can successfully substitute duck eggs into their diets.

Discover the Healthy Difference in Our Duck Eggs

Duck eggs have a pearly white shell and weigh about 2.5 ounces, which means they would grade as extra-large.

They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids, including choline, vitamin B12, selenium, Vitamin D, folate, Vitamin A, lutein, and vioxanthin. Pasture-raised eggs are nature’s multivitamin.

All of our eggs come from small, local family farms and are hand packed for delivery. Our eggs are antibiotic free, hormone free, and come from cage-free bird. We 100% support and utilize human treatment methods.




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