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Delicious and Nutritious Brown Eggs Available Now

If you prefer brown eggs in your diet, count on the pasture-raised products from Lapps Specialty Eggs LLC.

We raise our chickens in a sunny, healthy environment and keep close track of their quality to ensure you get the best and most nutritious egg that money can buy. Once you try our brown eggs, you’ll taste the difference!

Because we raise our birds on the pasture with exposure to sunlight, you’ll find we produce a more nutritious egg. The yolks are a much deeper, darker orange, and they’re better tasting, too!

Our products are antibiotic free and hormone free, and you get a healthy and delicious egg that contains lots of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Call today for a free quote or ask about our delivery program.

Let Us Deliver Select Brown Eggs From Family Farms

  • Our chickens produce a better-quality egg because they enjoy a beautiful life on small, local, family farms
  • Studies indicate that exposure to sunlight produces a more nutritious egg
  • Our eggs are hand packed and delivered within a week of being laid so you get a superior product with superior freshness
  • We are able to maintain the highest possible level of quality because our eggs are selected locally
  • Pasture-raised, USDA organic eggs are nature’s multivitamin and feature nutritious dark orange yolks
  • We 100% support and practice humane treatment for all our birds



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