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whole Milk



Contains: Milk

Manufactured on equipment that also processes egg


Located in Wirtz, Virginia.  All of our milk at Homestead Creamery is A2A2! A2A2 is milk that contains 100% A2 beta-casein protein. It’s in the cow’s genetics. You won’t notice any difference in the delicious taste or creaminess and all the amazing nutrients are still there, but studies have shown that some people who’ve had difficulty digesting “regular A1A2” milk were able to more easily enjoy and digest A2A2 milk! 🤍

Our milk is minimally pasteurized using the High Temperature, Short Time (HTST) process. This process heats the milk to around 168 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 seconds and quickly cools down the milk to around 34 degrees. This method helps preserve the nutrients and flavor while eliminating any harmful bacteria present in the milk.


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